We teach Ministerial Success & Expansion, packaged under twelve (12) topics:

  1. Understanding & keeping to your area of call
  2. Understanding Ministry
  3. Ministerial Success
  4. The Power of Networks and Partnerships
  5. The Power of Friendship and Relationships
  6. Freedom from Ministerial Errors
  7. Turning your messages into books and selling them online
  8. Dealing with Poverty and the Power of ideas
  9. Maintaining Successful Christian Marriages
  10. Online Business Operations/End time Technology issues
  11. Accountability, Leadership & Excellence
  12. Ministerial Impact, growth and building

We are all commissioned by God (all of us) to win souls. In Apostolic League of Ministers Int’l, we embark on Crusades/Soul winning Projects as the Lord provides and directs. We partner with Churches, Ministries and Communities in executing Crusades.